Stage Curtains in Tallahassee

Stage Curtains in Tallahassee – SET manufactures stage curtains from elementary schools to the largest arenas right here in Tampa Florida.

Stage Curtains in Tallahassee

SET Curtains, located in the Tampa Bay area, manufactures stage curtains of all sizes, from those found in the smallest elementary schools to the largest performing arts centers and concert venues throughout the southeast U.S.

With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship for over almost 50 years, SET Curtains manufactures the finest quality stage curtains in the southeast.

Since 1971, South East Theatrical Curtains has been manufacturing quality stage and theatrical curtains including: Front Curtains, Main Valance, Grande Drape, Masking Curtains, Tormentors, Tabs, Vertical Masking, Cyc and more. Quality stage curtains in Tallahassee at affordable prices.

Types of Stage Curtains in Tallahassee

Front Settings: The furthest downstage, and usually most decorative, of the stage curtains. Usually made up of the Front Curtain and Main Valance.

Front Curtain: Large curtain that hangs farthest downstage (just behind the proscenium arch). Typically a bi-part track system, but sometimes a Lift, Venetian, or Braille system.  Also called:  Main Curtain, Grand Drape

Main Valance: Horizontal curtain that hangs farthest downstage (usually in front of the Front Curtain) and hides the ceiling and rigging materials from the audience.

Masking Curtains: The curtains behind the Front Settings that are used to hide areas of the stage from the audience. They are usually black and made up of Legs and Borders.

Legs: Tall and narrow curtains used to hide the wings (or sides) of the stage from the audience.  Also called:  Tormentors, Tabs, Vertical Masking

Borders: Similar to the Main Valance, Borders are used to hide the ceiling and rigging materials from the audience. Also called:  Teasers, Valances, Horizontal Masking

Travelers: Similar to the Front Curtain, Travelers move along a track to open and close and allow the stage to be sectioned off.                                                         Also called:  Act Curtains, Concert Curtains

Cyclorama: A large flat curtain that covers the rear wall of the stage and acts as a panel for lighting effects or painting.                                                                                 Also called:  Cyc, Backdrop

Scrim: A large flat curtain with an open weave (similar to a net) that creates the illusion of a solid wall when lit from the front and appears transparent when lit from behind.

Stage Curtains in Tallahassee and More

SET Curtains fabricates theater drapery, exhibit and event drapes, and stage curtains for concert arenas, schools, theaters, performing arts centers, colleges, universities, churches and houses of worship, television studios, sound studios, corporate events, trade shows, and more.

We feature the highest quality theatrical fabrics custom sewn to your precise specifications by our expert staff here at SET.

All our curtains are manufactured in-house here in Tampa and we have the capability to handle any size project from the smallest elementary school to the largest arena.

SET Curtains – The Experts in Stage Curtain Manufacturing

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